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What To Expect

New around here?

That’s great, we like new faces and want to get to know you! This page will help you know what to expect so you will feel comfortable if you decide to be our guest.

Sunday mornings at Trinity you will find:

  • Solid biblical teaching, we want you to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The way to do that is by teaching and preaching from the Word of God.
  • A casual atmosphere, if you’re comfortable in jeans then that’s what you should wear.  We care more about you as a person than your wardrobe, just come as you are ready to worship.
  • Programs for the kids, we have a children’s group before the service @ 10am and during the service @ 11am.  Ages 4-10 are encouraged to attend one or both of these times and learn lessons from the Bible that are tailored just for them.  There is also a sleeper and toddler nursery for the little ones.
  • A family of believers that want you to feel welcome, there should be someone at the door to greet you, hand you a bulletin, find you a place to sit, or show you where you want to get to.  Just ask!
  • Certain Sundays we will have communion.  We believe that communion is meant for everyone that has placed their trust in Jesus Christ as their savior and you are welcome to partake with us.  If you have questions or want to learn how to have that relationship than we would love to help you find Him.  It’s in our mission statement and we wouldn’t be doing a very good job if we didn’t help with that, please let one of our staff know how we can guide you.
  • After the service we have a time of refreshment and fellowship. Stick around and get to know us and let us get to know you.

Other Questions or Concerns?

Give us a call, send an email or a letter, stop by the office, or come see us on Sunday morning.  Let us know and we will do our best to get you the information your looking for.

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